Why Us?

Choosing the right partner is a critical CPQ success factor

  • We are configuration data experts; our unique approaches to finding and creating data have reduced project implementations by up to 90%
  • More than configuration experts, we come from the industrial equipment companies and we understand your challenges and requirements
  • Our technology allows for mass loading of configuration data and integration to your data sources of record. This eliminates the need for redundant data sources
“It did not take us long to address opportunities to debottleneck our quote-to-cash process issues. And ConfigurEx did this with a remarkable ability to win over our staff which is not known to embrace change or outside advice. In fact, their initial defensiveness was quickly turned into a full embrace of you and your confident, practical approach to problem solving. “No concessions” became the mantra allowing everyone to assert their needs without risk. But the most impressive and significant opportunity you brought to us is through the Product Configuration initiative.” – Dave Cameron – Nikkiso Cryo