Leadership Team

Mark Brown, President & Co-Founder

Mark is a configuration expert with 24 years of experience in this field. In the early 90s he managed Goulds Pumps’ first mission critical order configuration project. In 2008 he pioneered a reverse engineering data approach that facilitated a single configuration tool strategy and more importantly “Lights out Order Entry”. Over the years he worked with many industrial equipment companies to implement their configuration projects. The list includes such notable companies as SPX Lightnin Mixers, Marley Cooling Towers and Gardner Denver.

His experience has seen first-hand the limitations of configuration platforms. In response to these limitations, the ConfigurEx platform was designed to greatly simplify the configuration approach and implementation time. “Our technology is so simple and economical to use that we believe configuration is no longer limited to large companies. Regardless of their size we can assist any company who has challenges with their selling and engineering processes”

Mark is also a dynamic, high impact business leader with diverse business management experience that includes sales, marketing, customer service, manufacturing and engineering positions. In these roles he has implemented some very impressive business improvement projects. He has a keen eye for identifying business process improvement opportunities and finding elegant ways of implementing common sense and surprisingly simple solutions.

“Mark possesses excellent business acumen. He has a broad understanding of business systems, integration and configuration. His unique ability to dissect difficult issues and relay them into simple solutions made him a valuable asset to our management team. As an excellent communicator, Mark engaged our teams, employees and management to align us on key issues. He has become a trusted advisor and I can count on him to provide robust, unbiased feedback and opinions that are important to me as a leader.”

– Long-term ConfigurEx Client

William Simpson, Director of User Experience

William is a software engineer with over 20 years of professional experience in data integration, document generation, and front end development. In addition, he has a comprehensive background in business processes and the physical sciences; as well as, expertise in the cognitive and psychometric aspects of human computer interaction. As a result, he understands the importance of the user experience, which must be simple and intuitive. Every key stroke, graphic design choice and click matters and he painstakingly finds ways to simplify the process. His design for an automatic control valve company is a breakthrough. The challenge stems from the enormous number of variables that have to be mathematically accounted for and considered. In working with our client, we have made the impossible, possible. The need to call the application engineer team for sizing assistance has now been virtually eliminated by the ConfigurEx sizing and selection tool. The ConfigurEx product selector engine is managing close to 2 million stored and derived data points with each valve selection. However, the user never knows this as the process flows so effortlessly. The highly visual approach provides our users with assurance that they are making informed and optimal valve selections.

David Peschell, VP of Marketing Services and Co-Founder

David is a change agent for the global marketplace. Highly configured products sold worldwide by ITT Industries became market leaders through his skillful product positioning talent. Nationally, he overcame a major ERP failure with a market launch that displaced the market leader for a product sold to the largest USA pulp & paper producing company, ultimately resulting in David being elected as the President of the Association of Suppliers to the Paper Industry.

He has served on the Board of the Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers Association of Canada along with several not-for-profit organizations. He demonstrates his executive prowess, directing a host of rationalizations in product configurations leading to more effective manufacturing and sales. Configuration, selection and business process improvement programs may require sizeable project management assignments, with difficult, underlying issues (i.e. critical time constraints, limited resources, constricting budgets, etc.), and managing this comes easy to David. Cross cultures and varied platforms, are earmarks of his experience. David is at home in a variety of company environments. Products, brands, and sales rise with the tide when touched by this professional.

“ConfigurEx provides exceptional process improvement to our operations in Rochester, NY. They integrated with ease into our unique hardware and software system to provide us with all the services we needed, and more!”

– Jim Myers, Global Mixer Operations

John Beca, VP of Business Communications

John is an accomplished industrial business communications and marketing executive with extensive experience having directed programs for ITT fluid brands such as Goulds Pumps, Engineered Valves, and PumpSmart controls. In this capacity, John was responsible for global strategy development and tactical implementation of all media, sales promotion, public relations and interactive marketing initiatives.

He produced all marketing collateral for dissemination to worldwide markets. John also developed integrated branding and training strategies, receiving corporate awards for his leadership role in Training Brand Ambassadors to influence employee engagement in implementing new, consistent brand guidelines enterprise wide. In his marketing and advertising responsibilities, John was able to team with marketing and sales channel personnel to develop the high impact messages that were instrumental in promoting and improving brand awareness and sales revenues. Process efficiency was also very important to John, winning numerous awards for streamlining the business communications process and for providing sales and marketing teams with the information they needed to successfully engage customers in the selling process. John’s breadth of international marketing and communications experience includes such industries as oil and gas, power, mining, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, biotech, and pulp & paper. Formal education includes BA in English/Communications at Southeastern Louisiana University and Value Based Six Sigma Certification from the University of Michigan. He is also a Certified Business Communicator.

Chris Parsons, Director of Sourcing Strategies

Chris has 23 years of manufacturing and supply chain experience in a variety of industrial markets including fluid handling, electronics, aerospace, process technologies, and firearms. He has held executive roles in Global Sourcing, Procurement, and Lean Manufacturing, implementing and managing programs using change management, six sigma methodology and strategy deployment. His management experience includes positions at ITT, GE Power, and Crane Company. In addition, he has led successful engagements at Fortune listed companies such as duPont, GE, and Remington Arms, realizing savings and optimization results in excess of $500 million.

Chris received his B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering from Clarkson University and his M.B.A. in International Operations from Union College. He is a Lean Training Leader in VSM, Standard Work, Problem Solving, Supply Chain.