Configuration Pricing Quoting (CPQ)

Generate a highly professional, tailored quote in seconds

  • Provides channel partners with always up-to-date product and pricing information
  • Configuration rules ensure users are presented with compatible selections
  • Quotes are automatically populated in the database, where they can be retrieved, reviewed, copied or modified.
Price Pump searched for 12 months for the right partner to help us move into the (CPQ) configuration world. We wanted to find a way to make product selection easy and efficient for our distribution network. ConfigurEx has proven to be the right choice, the ConfigurEx team is brilliant. They have also helped us improve our business processes including enhanced BOM methodology. This has been a very important project bonus! We are excited to work with ConfigurEx in the future as we expand our configuration capabilities. – (Price Pump) Jestin Plowright, Sales and Marketing Manager